Fuel Drain (Misfuel)

Fuel Drain (Misfuel)

Have you put petrol in a diesel car, or vice versa? Don't panic - book your car in for a wrong fuel removal service with Halfords Autocentres.

We will drain, flush and replenish your fuel systems and undertake a thorough replacement and inspection. Our service includes:

  1. Removal of mixed fuel from tank and fuel lines
  2. Fuel filter replacement
  3. 5 litres of new fuel
  4. Environmental disposal of waste fuel

IMPORTANT: Do not start your engine.If the mixed fuel is allowed to circulate around the engine, it will cause extensive damage.

If we need to carry out any further work, we'll provide a no-obligation repair quote.

Not available in all Autocentres - please see FAQs below for further information.