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Grandtrek WT M3

Dunlop Grandtrek WT M3

£197.99 – £364.99each
  • Winter
  • 4x4

Fully fitted price - includes valve*, balancing and environmental disposal of your old tyres.

Choose your tyre size:

*Specialist valves will incur an additional charge, please enquire

  • This is a winter 4x4 tyre
  • Superb snow traction
  • Improved cold weather grip

Select the tyre size for your vehicle
Grandtrek WT M3 (275/55 R19 111H) 71EC
Out of stock Select
Grandtrek WT M3 (275/45 R20 110V) MFS XL AO
  • Extra Load (XL)
  • Recommended for Audis
Out of stock Select
Grandtrek WT M3 (265/55 R19 109H) MO
  • Recommended for Mercedes
Out of stock Select
Grandtrek WT M3 (255/50 R19 107V) MFS XL N0
  • Extra Load (XL)
  • Recommended for Porsches
Out of stock Select
Grandtrek WT M3 (235/65 R18 110H) XL
  • Extra Load (XL)
Out of stock Select