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Jan 2017 | Halfords Autocentres sponsors National Pothole Day 2017

Reporting a pothole is vitally important as your local council will not pay out on a claim unless they are already aware of a pothole.

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Reporting a pothole is vitally important as your local council will not pay out on a claim unless they are already aware of a pothole. It is understood that three quarters of British motorists that claim against a council are unsuccessful.

If you are a pothole sufferer too then you won't be surprised that 68% of motorists have hit a pothole in the last six months. As sponsors of National Pothole Day 16th January 2017, we are urging motorists to get their cars checked for damage after a pothole mishap.

Pothole Day Discount at Halfords Autocentre

To give the estimated 40% of motorists who never check their cars after hitting a pothole some support Halfords Autocentres is offering free of charge suspension, steering and tyre checks across our UK nationwide garage network,furthermore if your car needs wheel alignment,steering or suspension repairs we are offering a 20% discount on both categories for online bookings from 16th January to 22nd January 2017.

Research also found, unsurprisingly, that 84 per cent of drivers are concerned by the number of potholes on UK roads and as a result Halfords Autocentres has teamed up with Street Repairs to launch an online pothole reporting tool which means road users can easily report potholes into their local councils and join the national awareness campaign. Colin Mahoney, managing director of Street Repairs commented: ''Road users across Britain deserve to travel in safety. Tyres, suspension and steering are all crucial components of any vehicle and are all susceptible to damage after hitting a pothole, so it's vital to get your car checked by an expert because the damage isn't always immediately obvious.''

Martin Barber, Halfords Autocentres potholes expert says: ''In a new car a small pothole can damage wheels, tyres and suspension, but with a large amount of drivers keeping their cars for longer they are even more vulnerable. If you hit a pothole it is always worth getting it checked even if there are no immediate after-effects such as unexplained noises or wheel damage.''

Halfords Autocentres seven tips for car safety when dealing with the UK epidemic of potholes:

  1. Be safe - pull over carefully to check for pothole damage.
  2. Stay aware - avoiding potholes safely wherever possible.
  3. Slow down - hitting a pothole at speeds will cause more damage.
  4. 10 to 2 on the steering wheel - correct hands mean you stay in control of your car.
  5. Don't jump on the brakes - this can stress the front suspension over a pothole.
  6. Check your car - post incident check for problems with tracking, wheel alignment, tyres or suspension.
  7. Keep tyres pumped - the correct pressure can help minimise potential damage caused by potholes.
Report a pothole 20% off wheel alignment 20% off Steering repair 20% off Suspension repair