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Shell Out Less on Fuel

Image for Shell Out Less on Fuel article

Improve your car's fuel burning efficiency - guaranteed - with our Fuel Service and Fuel Service Plus.

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Is your car over three years old? Our Fuel Service and Fuel Service Plus will clean your fuel system and engine, removing dirt which will have built up over time, enabling your engine to burn fuel more efficently so you don't have to fill up so often!

If we don't improve your car's fuel burning efficiency, you won't pay anything for your Fuel Service*.

Fuel Service

A fuel economy service that cleans the fuel system and engine which will have become dirty over time, so that the engine burns fuel more efficiently.

Fuel Service Plus

Like our Fuel Service, the Fuel Service Plus cleans the fuel system and engine, so that the engine burns fuel more efficiently. However, the Fuel Service Plus also includes an oil system cleaner, oil change, and oil filter change.

Independent tests featured in the Sun showed drivers of both petrol and diesel engine cars noting improved fuel consumption.

What's included

Fuel Service Fuel Service Plus
Emissions Check We test your emissions and how efficiently your car is burning fuel
Fuel System Cleaner Cleans your fuel system to make sure it burns fuel more efficiently
Tyre Pressure Incorrectly inflated tyres waste fuel. We'll ensure they're at the right pressure and check that they are in good condition
Oil We check that your engine's oil level is correct
Coolant Check that your engine's coolant level is correct
Brakes We'll check they're not 'binding' and in turn waste fuel
Clutch Check Check that your clutch is functioning properly
Road Test Putting your car to the test on the road to make sure it's working at its best
Emissions Re-Check We'll re-check your car to show you tde difference the Fuel Service makes to emissions
Oil System Cleaner A special treatment that cleans the oil system in your engine
Oil Change Brand new Castrol oil
Oil Filter Change A brand new oil filter, expertly fitted

*The fuel burning efficiency of your car will be measured by the amount of hydrocarbons (unburnt fuel) emitted from the exhaust. A before and after emission/diesel smoke test will be carried out on your car. If there is no improvement between the before and after emissions/diesel smoke test, you will not have to pay for the Fuel Service carried out on your car.