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Duxback: A visionary invention to keep your windscreen clear

Here at Halfords autocentres, we highly recommend a brilliant invention called Duxback that keeps your windscreen and windows clear in the rain and cold.

Posted by: Halfords Autocentres;
Tips to make your tyres last longer

Whether you are an occasional Sunday motorist, a daily commuter, or a high-mileage driver, when it's pouring with rain it is much more difficult to see out of the windscreen making driving more difficult and dangerous.

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Winter Tyres

We thought we'd put together this guide to explain winter tyres.

Posted by: Halfords Autocentres;

If you are thinking about getting winter tyres, you may have a lot of questions: why are they better than normal tyres? Would it be cheaper to just put them on two of your wheels rather than four? When should I put them on?

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Car Dashboard Lights - what do they mean?

Take the guesswork out of car maintenance with our complete guide to the lights on your car's dashboard.

Posted by: Halfords Autocentres;

Prepare your car for winter driving

How to prepare your car for winter weather

Posted by: Halfords Autocentres;
How to prepare your car for winter weather

Winter can be a tough time for your car - freezing temperatures, heavy rain, ice, high winds and snow can all put your vehicle through its paces.

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How To Choose the Best Tyres For Your Vehicle

Put your driving knowledge and maintenance skills to the test, and determine your worthiness of being on the road.

Posted by: Halfords Autocentres;

With thousands of tyres available, choosing the right tyre for your vehicle and individual driving needs may seem daunting. Here is a guide to the different tyres available and the points to consider when choosing your new tyres.

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