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Holding Icon Winter Inspection

Winter Inspection

Our Prices

Winter Inspection £12.95
Winter Inspection with Duxback £29.95

Prepare your car for winter to help avoid breakdowns

Make sure your car is prepared to handle the cold weather by booking in for our 11-point winter inspection. Our checks will help to ensure your car is ready for whatever winter brings.

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What's included Winter Inspection Winter Inspection
with Duxback
Anti Freeze We will check and report on the anti freeze strength/minimum temperature and top up as required
Cooling system We'll check the condition of the coolant hoses to alert you to possible premature failure
Battery With more reliance on your electrics, we'll make sure your battery is working properly
Starter and Charging We'll check the operation of the starter motor/charging system
Ancillary Drive Belts We'll check that your vehicle's drive belts are in good condition to ensure correct operation of the engine ancillaries
Lights We'll check that your lights are in correct working order
Wiper Blades We'll check and report on the condition of your wiper blades
Windscreen Washer Additive We'll make sure your windscreen washers won't freeze with a top up
Tyres We'll ensure they're at the right pressure and check that they are in good condition
Air Con We'll test your air con to make sure it's de-misting your screen effectively
Oil We'll report on your engine's oil condition and level
Duxback Glass Treatment (worth £24.95) We'll apply this treatment to disperse water and reduce ice forming on your windscreen
FREE Winter Essentials Pack (worth £10) Essential products for the winter months

Duxback Windscreen Treatment

Duxback windscreen treatment - before and after

Duxback is a revolutionary protection treatment that is applied to your windscreen forming a protective repellent barrier that stays on for up to six months.

Duxback ensures that water disperses quicker from your screen, making it safer to drive in the rain, and reduces the ice forming on your screen to make it easier to scrape off.

Free Winter Essentials Pack

Free winter essentials pack - products

To help prepare you and your car for the worst conditions, for a limited time we are giving away a FREE winter essentials pack that contains Holt de-icer and screenwash concentrate, a de-mist pad, a large gloved heavy duty scraper and Screenies wipes to clean the inside of the windscreen.

The pack is subject to stock availability, and is also available to purchase separately for £10 from our Autocentres.