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Cookie Policy
    What are cookies

    What are Cookies?

    A cookie is a very small text file that can be stored on your computer when you visit a web page.Cookies are used to help you navigate the website and to enhance your experience whilst on the website. Cookies enable a website to tailor information presented to you based on your browsing preferences.

    Why do Halfords Autocentres use Cookies?

    Halfords Autocentres use cookies to collect data about the performance of our website and to ensure an easy and consistent user experience for our visitors.

    Halfords Autocentres may use cookies to personalise web pages during your visit to our website. We will also use them to remember you for easy navigation and access during your visit. For example, when you use the VRN (vehicle registration number) lookup, we will remember your VRN for the duration of your visit only to save you having to re-enter your VRN each time it is requested.

    We may also use cookies to track your visit to our website. We will collect data to identify you whilst you are browsing so that we can measure our website and make improvements in the future. This information is only used for analytical purposes, and will be limited to a minimum. This type of cookie does not hold personally identifiable information.

    Can cookies harm my computer?

    No. Cookies do not harm your computer and cannot carry viruses. Cookies are intended to enhance your experience of a website, rather than obstruct it.

    More Information About Cookies

    To learn more about cookies, how to manage them and how they affect your online activities, visit

    Managing cookies

    Managing Cookies

    Halfords Autocentres use cookies on our all of our website to improve your shopping experience. These cookies can make it quicker and easier to browse and navigate our website in just some of the following ways:

    • They remember items that you have added to your basket so you can buy them later on in your visit
    • They allow you to compare products whilst shopping
    • They can remember your previous selections when you are browsing the website
    • When you use the stock checker, the website will remember your postcode for the duration of your visit only to save you re-entering your postcode each time you want to check stock in your local store

    In general, allowing cookies lets you make the most of all the functionalities on our website, which have been added to give you the best possible shopping experience.

    If you would still prefer Halfords Autocentres not to use cookies in your browser, you can set your browser to reject cookies or to let you know when a website tries to put one in your browser software.

    How to Disable Cookies

    On Your PC

    Internet Explorer

    1. Go to "Tools" and then "Internet Options"
    2. Click on the Privacy tab
    3. Use the slider to change your cookie settings to how you want them. A description of each setting will appear next to each option.

    Mozilla Firefox

    1. Go to "Tools" and then "Internet Options"
    2. Click on the Privacy icon
    3. Change the history settings to set your browser to reject all cookies, or to tailor your cookie settings to how you want them.

    Google Chrome

    1. Click on the spanner and select "Settings", which will open in a new tab
    2. On the left hand side, select "Under the Hood"
    3. Click "Content Settings" under "Privacy"
    4. Choose your preferred option in the cookies menu

    On an Apple Mac

    Internet Explorer 5 (MacOS X)

    1. Choose Preferences from Explorer menu
    2. Select Receiving Files options
    3. Select Cookies
    4. Choose your preferred settings


    1. Choose Preferences from the Edit menu.
    2. Select Privacy & Security, then select Cookies.
    3. Choose your preferred settings.

    Safari 1.0 (MacOS X)

    1. Choose Preferences from Safari menu
    2. Select Security icon
    3. Cookie settings are shown in window
    4. Choose your preferred settings


    1. Go to Opera in the main menu and select Preferences (or press Alt+P to access them directly)
    2. Select Privacy



    1. Go to "Settings" and then select "Safari"
    2. Click on "Privacy", where you will be able to change your cookie settings


    1. Go to "Settings" and then select "Safari"
    2. Click on "Privacy", where you will be able to change your cookie settings

    Samsung Galaxy

    1. In the internet browser, open the menu and select "More"
    2. Choose "Settings"
    3. Scroll down to "Privacy", and then click to accept or reject cookies, or to clear cookie data

    All Other Mobile Devices

    All Other Mobile Devices Please consult the device owner's manual.

    More Information About Cookies

    To learn more about cookies, how to manage them and how they affect your online activities, visit

    Halfords Autocentres cookies

    Halfords Autocentres Cookies

    For the best experience on any Halfords Autocentres website, your PC, laptop, mobile or tablet will need to accept cookies. Without cookies, you will not be able to make a purchase, or benefit from certain personalised features.

    So that you know exactly what cookies are used on our website, we have listed each cookie below, along with its purpose.

    Third party cookies used on our website are listed in the next tab.

    If you still wish to block or delete cookies from any of our sites, the "Managing Cookies" tab will be able to help.

    Cookie Name Description
    MARKETUT This cookie remembers whether you are a registered user or not.
    H_COMPARISON_ / H_COMPARISON_10001 This cookie allows the comparison function to remember the products you want to compare across multiple pages. You wouldn't be able to compare our products without it.

    Websphere Cookies

    Halfords Autocentres website have been developed using IBM Websphere Commerce software. This software employs a number of cookiesto enable Halfords Autocentres customers to navigate and shop on all of the website. All these cookies are essential to ensuring a pleasant and easy customer shopping experience. None of the cookies hold Personally Identifiable Information. These cookies are described in more detail below:

    Cookie Name Description
    WC_ACTIVEPOINTER This cookie remembers whether you are on the, or site
    WC_AUTHENTICATION This cookie is used to authenticate the user over SSL connections to ensure that all personal information is totally secure and to confirm that you are the person you claim to be in the checkout.
    WC_GENERIC_ACTIVITYDATA When you navigate the website, our system requires you to be a registered customer, a guest customer or a "generic" customer. This cookies assigns a generic user id to anyone who enters the website via any page other than the homepage (where you are assigned either guest user id or registered user id if signed in).
    WC_MEMBERID This cookie holds an internal id for everyone who is either a guest user or a registered user. This information is used for navigating the website.
    WC_PERSISTENT This cookie holds information about a user to ensure the correct version of the website is being displayed for the user, i.e. the language (English). This cookie also stores your preferences (language, currency etc) to enable easy navigation of website.
    WC_USERACTIVITY This cookie holds user session information to ensure effective navigation between the web browser and the web server, for example going back and forward on web pages. This cookie does not hold any Personally Identifiable Information.
    These cookies are used to back IBM Websphere, the basis of our website. They ensure the effective running of our site and do not hold any Personally Identifiable Information.

    Flash Cookies (Local Shared Objects)

    Halfords Autocentres use Adobe Flash Player to deliver all video content on product pages and in the Advice Centre - for example the "How To" guides. To improve your experience, Flash Cookies (also known as Local Shared Objects) are stored on your computer in the same way as other cookies, but they are managed slightly differently, not through your browser.

    How to disable Flash Cookies:

    To disable or delete flash cookies, you will need to visit the Adobe website. Please be aware that if you disable flash cookies then you will not be able to access any flash based content such as video.

    Third Party Cookies

    Third Party Cookies

    Cookies on the Halfords Autocentres site may also be set by one of our partners who set cookies for a number of different reasons. These third parties are listed below with a description of the cookies set by them

    Halfords Autocentres do not control these cookies. To change your settings for these cookies, click on the relevant link, which will take you to the third party site where you will be able to manage the cookies.

    Cookie Name Description
    Affiliate Window Affiliate Window cookies track the activity of affiliates and reward them for generating traffic and sales on our website.
    Go to Affiliate Window for more information on managing Affiliate Window cookies.
    DC Storm DC Storm cookies identify how users interact with the Halfords Autocentres website so that we can see things like the most popular pages and the journey that our customers take through the website. This information is used to make future improvements to our website. None of these cookies hold any Personally Identifiable Information.
    Go to DC Storm for more information on managing DC Storm cookies.
    Google Google cookies originate in our PPC campaigns with Google, rewarding them for generating traffic and sales on our website
    Go to Google for more information on managing Google cookies.
    Kenshoo Kenshoo cookies are used to identify the traffic source that a visitor uses to enter the site and attribute any transactions and revenue back to that source. Only non-personally identifiable information is used.
    Go to Kenshoo for more information on managing Kenshoo cookies.

    Google Analytic Cookies

    Cookie Name Description

    These cookies enable the function of our analytics software, Google Analytics. This software helps us to measure the performance of our websites and analyse information such as visitor numbers, visit lengths, page views and the devices used to browse our websites. We use this data to track trends and improve our websites.

    Opt-out of Google Analytics cookies.