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Holding Icon Friend of the Motorist Study 2014

Friend of the Motorist Study 2014

The Halfords 2014 Friend of the Motorist study builds on previous research carried out in 2012 and answers questions such as:

• How dependent are people on their cars?

• What concerns motorists most, and how do these factors affect the behaviour of both seasoned and newly qualified drivers?

As you will see our research shows signs that Britain's drivers are beginning to enjoy their motoring again, though for the majority of people going about their everyday lives the car remains an essential tool.

Most people feel that a significant proportion of their disposable income is spent on their car and as a consequence they continue to cut back where possible - with some shocking admissions to compromising safety.

The evidence also shows that for many new drivers - who have saved and sacrificed in order to fund lessons, buy and insure a car - the dream of hassle-free personal mobility is a far cry from the costs they face in reality.