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Holding Icon Cataclean Exhaust Cleaner

Cataclean Exhaust Cleaner

Cataclean® removes the carbon that accumulates in your catalytic converter over time, improving fuel burning and gas flow. Independent tests prove it reduces exhaust and diesel smoke emissions by up to 60%.

Cars that only ever do short journeys at low speed (urban driving) are far more likely to suffer from blocked catalytic converters as the engine never warms up enough to efficiently burn the deposits so the use of Cataclean® is recommended two or three times a year to keep the engine running smoothly.

Cataclean® can be used in both petrol and diesel engines of any capacity, but is not recommended for use with two stroke and non-injector (carburettor) engines.

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"Does it work? In a word, YES! Cataclean does exactly what it say on the bottle and on that basis, we are happy to recommend its use."

- Car Mechanics Magazine

"Wait until you have quarter of a tank of fuel left, empty a bottle of Cataclean into the car and drive around 30 miles... you might be surprised."

- BMW Car Magazine

"I know what you mean about miracle cures that come in a bottle, but we've had a product in from Cataclean® that does work. It's designated to clean up valves, injectors, Lambda sensors (oxygen sensors) and cats. We've done our own test on a car that failed the MOT emissions with similar figures to your 106 and after adding a bottle and taking the car for a short drive the figures came down to 0.15% CO and 21 PPM hydrocarbons."

- Performance Car Magazine

"The test results are in, and early indications show that Erie County vehicles run cleaner and greener with a product from an Orchard Park company in their gas tanks."

- Business First

"This represents a genuine opportunity to garages in terms of gaining goodwill with customers by saving money on parts."

- Commercial Vehicle Workshop Magazine