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Holding Icon Jun 2014 | Brakes4Life Delivers 130 Million in Savings

Jun 2014 | Brakes4Life Delivers 130 Million in Savings

Interest in the unique Brakes4Life programme, operated by Halfords Autocentres, has accelerated over the past year - taking the total amount of money that drivers can expect to save to 130 million as a result.

The number of drivers choosing the lifetime guarantee for their brake pads and shoes grew by over 100,000 - a 175% increase on the volume experienced during the previous 18 months.

Halfords Autocentres' Rory Carlin said: ''Consumers continue to search for ways to help them reduce their household expenditure and, since a significant proportion of them spend more of their disposable income on their car than anything else, vehicle maintenance savings are of growing importance.

''Our autocentre managers have also reported a rise in the number of customers that are taking more interest in their car's brakes as a result of the extremely wet winter and widespread flooding that the UK experienced - which appears to have reminded many drivers of the importance of being able to stop effectively.''

Every customer who signs-up for the Brakes4life guarantee makes one payment that not only guards against unnecessary future expense but positively encourages owners to take better care of these vital safety components.

Since introducing Brakes4Life in 2012 Halfords Autocentres have signed-up over 160,000 customers - an average of one every three minutes.

Rory Carlin added: ''We receive some very positive feedback from customers that have taken advantage of Brakes4Life and these high satisfaction levels translate into loyal and positive advocates for our business.''

Brakes4life has previously won the approval of the Plain English Campaign, the group that works tirelessly to untangle complicated offers and confusing terms and conditions. It has praised Halfords Autocentres for bringing a product to market that offers customers a transparent and easy to understand benefit.

Brakes4life is only available at Halfords Autocentres. Book a free Brakes4Life check online».