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Major Service and MOT

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24 month, 71-point service plus parts replacement

As well as covering all the areas of essential maintenance, we will replace items which are regularly recommended for replacement every two years, saving you the cost of purchasing these items as extras.

An extra charge of £22 is applicable for vehicles which require fully synthetic oil. If your vehicle requires fully synthetic oil, select the upgrade below to add it to your booking. If you are unsure, your autocentre will advise you and payment will be taken in-centre.

MOT & Service Offer*

From £225.00

WAS From £269.85

Q. What is a Major Service and do I need one?

This extremely comprehensive service should be undertaken every two years, or simply if you want to make sure all components are working safely and effectively. It covers all areas of essential maintenance.

Q. What's included in the Major Service cost?

Our Major Service includes all the checks and maintenance covered in our Full Service, but with extra items that are recommended for replacement every 24 months. These include the brake fluids, air filter, spark plugs and external fuel filter.

What's included » (side by side comparison of our services).

Please note: If you require long-life or platinum spark plugs, there will be an extra charge added in the Autocentre.

Q. Do you use Original Specification parts?

Yes! All parts match the quality of those originally fitted in your vehicle. What's more, all our oil is produced by Castrol, a trusted brand specialising in top-quality oils that maximise the life and efficiency of your engine. Our technicians will advise you of the oil that's most suitable for your vehicle - we stock all but the most specialist oils.

Please note: Fully synthetic oil is available at an additional cost of £22 - you can select this when you book online or pay in your Autocentre if you're unsure which type of oil you need.

Q. Is your work guaranteed?

Thanks to our market-leading expertise and the quality of our parts, we are able to offer a comprehensive guarantee covering all parts and labour. Our guarantee is valid for 12 months or 12,000 miles, whichever is soonest.

Q. Can I book a manufacturer's service instead?

Our major car service exceeds most manufacturers' service schedules. However, if you'd prefer a manufacturer's service, please contact your local Halfords Autocentre. They'll be able to give you a quote specific to your make and model of car.