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Fuel Drain (Misfuel)

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Wrong fuel in your car? Don't panic!

Have you put petrol in a diesel car, or vice versa? Don't panic - book your car in for a wrong fuel removal service with Halfords Autocentres.

We will drain, flush and replenish your fuel systems and undertake a thorough replacement and inspection. Our service includes:

  1. Removal of mixed fuel from tank and fuel lines
  2. Fuel filter replacement
  3. 5 litres of new fuel
  4. Environmental disposal of waste fuel

IMPORTANT: Do not start your engine.If the mixed fuel is allowed to circulate around the engine, it will cause extensive damage.

If we need to carry out any further work, we'll provide a no-obligation repair quote.

Not available in all Autocentres - please see FAQs below for further information.


Putting fuel in an engine that's not designed to process it can cause extensive damage, especially if you start the engine.

It shouldn't be possible to accidentally fill a petrol car with diesel as diesel nozzles are purposely designed not to fit. If somehow you have filled a petrol car with diesel, avoid starting the engine to prevent the diesel feeding into it and ask your breakdown provider to tow your car to one of our autocentres.

Accidentally filling a diesel car with petrol is a more common but also more serious problem. Pumping highly combustible petrol into a diesel engine, which works under much higher pressure than a petrol engine, can be disastrous and cause extensive damage. Ask your breakdown provider to tow your car to one of our autocentres.

In some cases your car may have suffered additional damage to spark plugs, fuel system, and other engine or electric components.If there's any damage to engine components, these will be repaired separately. Our experienced technicians will advise you of any necessary repairs and costs upfront.

The time it takes to carry out a Fuel Drain service depends on your make and model of car, the type of fuel used, and the severity of the problem. Your autocentre will advise you of the estimated completion time.

More than 130 centres are equipped with wrong fuel removal equipment, so you shouldn't have to go far to get back on the road! The full list of centres that offer wrong fuel solutions is shown below.