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Fuel Service

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Our fuel system cleaning service improves fuel efficiency and reduces emissions. This means great cost savings in the long run - and a cleaner, greener car!

We use a special non-invasive procedure to clean inside the engine and remove nasty contaminants from your fuel system. You'll notice the difference after a short drive.

Our technicians will also check other components to improve your fuel efficiency, including tyre pressure, brakes and clutch system.

Book a fuel system clean online to see the benefits for yourself.


Q. Why is a Fuel Service necessary?

As you drive your car, it's inevitable that carbon and other contaminants will build up in the engine. Our car Fuel Service cleans these contaminants out of the engine and fuel system, so your car burns fuel more efficiently. It's one of the best ways to improve fuel consumption.

If we don't improve fuel efficiency, you won't pay anything for your Fuel Service.

Q. How do you clean my car engine?

Our technicians clean inside your engine by adding a special professional-grade cleaning fluid to your fuel tank. While the engine's running, this binds to built-up moisture and burns it out.

Q. What's included in the fuel system service cost?

As well as our engine cleaning service, our Fuel Service includes tyre pressure, oil and coolant checks, and other checks related to fuel efficiency.

Q. How long does the Fuel Service take?

You should allow about an hour for all work to be carried out.