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Free battery check

Need a new car battery?

We have a range of quality batteries for almost every make and model of car. If you need a new battery, book a free battery check today and our technicians will be happy to recommend the right one for your car.

Our prices start from just 42.99 and all our batteries come with a three year guarantee, so you won't have to worry about getting a replacement any time soon.

Not sure if you need a new battery?

Battery failures can happen almost without warning. If you would like peace of mind that yours is in good working order book in for a free battery check and our expert technicians will check your battery's key health indicators, such as its charging and 'cranking' capabilities. If we find you need a replacement, we'll advise you of the cost of a new car battery upfront - with no obligation to buy.


Q. How will I know what size battery I need?

Our friendly and expert technicians will happily advise you on the correct battery for your car.

Q. Are Halfords Autocentre batteries high-quality?

Yes! All our batteries are provided by the world's leading battery manufacturer, Yuasa. Our batteries are also OE (Original Equipment) certified, meaning that even if it's not the same battery provided by your car manufacturer, it will be of an equivalent standard.

Q. Will you have my battery in stock?

We hold the majority of car batteries in stock, however if the battery you need is out of stock we can have it delivered the same day.

Q. How long will my battery last?

Battery life is often difficult to calculate as it is dependent on usage. For added peace of mind all our batteries come with a three year guarantee, so in the unlikely case your battery fails, we'll replace it for free.

Q. How much does a battery cost?

Battery costs are dependent on your car. Our prices start from just 42.99 and our technicians will always provide you with a quote upfront.

"Battery was tested, replaced and I was on my way within 30 minutes. Excellent service...thank you!"

- Mr Fairfield