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Car Care

Get the very most from your car by keeping it in top condition. We offer a range of services to enhance your motoring experience.

  • 10-point check with antifreeze change and Duxback windscreen treatment


  • Batteries, bulbs, oil, blades and screenwash


  • £37.00

  • Revolutionary glass treatment


  • Revolutionary glass treatment


  • Revolutionary glass treatment


  • £35.00

  • For vehicles requiring semi synthetic oil


  • For vehicles requiring fully synthetic oil


  • Regular preventative treatment


  • One-off treatment for blocked DPFs


  • Exhaust system cleaner


  • 15-point check


  • 5-point check


  • Includes FREE AA road map worth £7.99



Our Fuel Service and Fuel Service plus clean the fuel system and engine which will have become dirty over time, so that the engine burns fuel more efficiently.The Fuel Service Plus also includes an oil system cleaner, oil change, and oil filter change.

If we don't improve your car's fuel burning efficiency, you won't pay anything.

Duxback is a revolutionary glass treatment that when applied to windscreens allows rain, sleet and snow to simply bead and roll off. Research has shown that it improves visibility whilst driving in the rain by 35%!

Once applied to your windows, Duxback glass treatment will last for six months on your windscreen and 12 months on side and rear glass.