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Sunday Opening Times

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Need a weekend MOT, service, tyres or repair? Our 315 garages across the UK are open every Saturday, and selected garages are now open on Sundays as shown below.

Autocentre Sunday Times Opening Times
Aberdeen 10am - 4pm
Aberdeen (St Clair St) 10am - 4pm
Accrington Closed
Acocks Green Closed
Acton 10am - 4pm
Aldershot Closed
Altrincham 10am - 4pm
Andover Closed
Ashford 10am - 4pm
Aylesbury Closed
Ayr Closed
Banbury 10am - 4pm
Bangor Closed
Barking Closed
Barnsley 10am - 4pm
Barrow-in-Furness Closed
Basildon Closed
Basingstoke Closed
Bath Closed
Beckenham Closed
Bedford (Midland Road) Closed
Bedminster 10am - 4pm
Bellshill 10am - 4pm
Bicester Closed
Birkenhead 10am - 4pm
Birmingham (Holloway Head) Closed
Bishop's Stortford Closed
Blackburn 10am - 4pm
Blackpool 10am - 4pm
Bognor Regis Closed
Bolton (Manchester Road) 10am - 4pm
Bolton (Nile Street) Closed
Borehamwood 10am - 4pm
Bournemouth Closed
Bracknell Closed
Bradford Closed
Braintree Closed
Bridgend Closed
Bridgnorth Closed
Bridgwater 10am - 4pm
Brighton 10am - 4pm
Bristol (Downend Road) Closed
Bristol (Filton) Closed
Bristol (Longwell Green) 10am - 4pm
Burton Closed
Bury St Edmunds Closed
Byfleet Closed
Camberley Closed
Camborne Closed
Cambridge (Clifton Road) Closed
Cambridge (Coral Park) 10am - 4pm
Cannock Closed
Canterbury 10am - 4pm
Cardiff (Leckwith Road) Closed
Cardiff (Newport Road) 10am - 4pm
Cardiff (North Road) 10am - 4pm
Carlisle 10am - 4pm
Castleford 10am - 4pm
Catford 10am - 4pm
Chadwell Heath Closed
Charlton 10am - 4pm
Cheadle 10am - 4pm
Chelmsford (Navigation Road) Closed
Chelmsford (Robjohns Road) Closed
Cheltenham 10am - 4pm
Chester 10am - 4pm
Chesterfield Closed
Chichester Closed
Chingford 10am - 4pm
Cirencester Closed
Clydebank 10am - 4pm
Colchester (Angorra) Closed
Colchester (Brook Street) Closed
Congleton Closed
Cotteridge 10am - 4pm
Coventry (36 Foleshill Rd) 10am - 4pm
Crawley 10am - 4pm
Crewe Closed
Croydon (Stafford Road) 10am - 4pm
Croydon (Sumner Road) Closed
Darlington Closed
Dartford 10am - 4pm
Derby (London Road) 10am - 4pm
Derby (Wyvern Way) 10am - 4pm
Doncaster Closed
Dover Closed
Dumfries Closed
Dundee Closed
Dunstable Closed
Durham Closed
Eastbourne 10am - 4pm
Eastleigh 10am - 4pm
Edinburgh (Seafield Road) 10am - 4pm
Edinburgh (South Gyle Rd) Closed
Ellesmere Port Closed
Enfield 10am - 4pm
Erdington 10am - 4pm
Evesham 10am - 4pm
Exeter Closed
Fareham 10am - 4pm
Farnborough 10am - 4pm
Feltham Closed
Finchley Closed
Folkestone 10am - 4pm
Gateshead Closed
Gateshead (Allison Court) 10am - 4pm
Glasgow (Pollokshaws Road) Closed
Glasgow (Rutherglen Rd) Closed
Gloucester (Eastern Ave) 10am - 4pm
Gloucester (Riga Wharf) Closed
Gloucester (Worcester St) 10am - 4pm
Gosport Closed
Grantham 10am - 4pm
Grays Closed
Great Yarmouth 10am - 4pm
Guildford 10am - 4pm
Halesowen Closed
Halifax Closed
Harlow Closed
Harrogate (Bower Road) Closed
Harrogate (Ripon Road) Closed
Harrow 10am - 4pm
Hartlepool 10am - 4pm
Havant Closed
Hayes Closed
Hedge End 10am - 4pm
Hemel Hempstead Closed
Hendon Closed
Hertford Closed
High Wycombe Closed
Horsham 10am - 4pm
Hounslow 10am - 4pm
Hove Closed
Huddersfield (Bradford Rd) 10am - 4pm
Hull (Anlaby Road) Closed
Hull (Great Union St) Closed
Hyde Closed
Ilford (High Road) 10am - 4pm
Ilkeston Closed
Inverness 10am - 4pm
Ipswich Closed
Isle of Wight Closed
Keighley Closed
Kettering 10am - 4pm
Kidderminster Closed
Kilmarnock Closed
Kings Lynn 10am - 4pm
Kingston upon Thames Closed
Kirkintilloch Closed
Leeds (Low Road) Closed
Leeds (Meadow Road) 10am - 4pm
Leeds (Roseville) Closed
Leeds (York Road) 10am - 4pm
Leicester (Tigers Way) Closed
Leicester (Woodgate) Closed
Letchworth Closed
Lichfield Closed
Lincoln (High) Closed
Lincoln (Tritton) 10am - 4pm
Liverpool Closed
Liverpool (Aintree) 10am - 4pm
Liverpool (Erskine) Closed
Liverpool (Speke) Closed
Llandudno Closed
Llanelli 10am - 4pm
Long Eaton Closed
Loughborough 10am - 4pm
Luton Closed
Maidstone 10am - 4pm
Manchester (Ardwick Green) Closed
Manchester (Bury New Rd) 10am - 4pm
Manchester (Northenden) 10am - 4pm
Manchester (Openshaw) 10am - 4pm
Manchester (Stretford) 10am - 4pm
Mansfield 10am - 4pm
Middlesbrough (Station St) Closed
Middlesbrough (Trunk Rd) Closed
Middleton Closed
Milton Keynes Closed
Milton Keynes (Winterhill) 10am - 4pm
Mitcham Closed
Morden Closed
Newark Closed
Newbury Closed
Newcastle (Byker) Closed
Newcastle (Scotswood) Closed
Newhaven Closed
Newport (Ebenezer Terrace) Closed
Newport (Granville Square) 10am - 4pm
Northampton 10am - 4pm
Norwich (Barker Street) 10am - 4pm
Norwich (Garden Street) 10am - 4pm
Nottingham (Arnold) 10am - 4pm
Nottingham (Castle Blvd) 10am - 4pm
Nottingham (Hucknall) Closed
Nottingham (Huntingdon St) Closed
Nottingham (Nuthall Road) Closed
Nuneaton Closed
Oldbury 10am - 4pm
Oldham 10am - 4pm
Olton Closed
Oxford Closed
Paisley 10am - 4pm
Park Royal Closed
Penzance Closed
Perry Barr Closed
Peterborough 10am - 4pm
Peterborough (Padholme Rd) Closed
Plymouth (Crownhill) Closed
Plymouth (Exeter St) 10am - 4pm
Pokesdown Closed
Pontypridd 10am - 4pm
Poole (Nuffield) Closed
Poole (Ringwood Rd) Closed
Portsmouth (Fratton Rd) Closed
Portsmouth (Mountbatten) Closed
Preston (Riversway) 10am - 4pm
Rayleigh 10am - 4pm
Reading 10am - 4pm
Reading (Tilehurst) Closed
Redditch 10am - 4pm
Rochdale Closed
Romford Closed
Rotherham Closed
Rugby Closed
Ruislip Closed
Runcorn 10am - 4pm
Salisbury Closed
Sandhurst Closed
Scarborough 10am - 4pm
Scunthorpe (Doncaster Rd) Closed
Scunthorpe (Glebe Rd) Closed
Sevenoaks Closed
Sheffield (Crystal Peaks) 10am - 4pm
Sheffield (Eyre St) 10am - 4pm
Sheffield (Hillsborough) Closed
Sheffield (Savile Street) Closed
Sheldon Closed
Shirley 10am - 4pm
Shoreham Closed
Shrewsbury Closed
Sittingbourne Closed
Slough (Farnham Road) 10am - 4pm
Solihull 10am - 4pm
South Shields Closed
Southampton (Millbrook) Closed
Southampton (Queensway) Closed
Southend on Sea Closed
Southfields London 10am - 4pm
St Albans Closed
St Austell 10am - 4pm
Stafford (Grayfriars) Closed
Stafford (Lichfield Rd) Closed
Staines-upon-Thames Closed
Stirling Closed
Stockport (Edward St) 10am - 4pm
Stockport (Green Lane) Closed
Stockton 10am - 4pm
Stoke-on-Trent 10am - 4pm
Stourbridge Closed
Stratford-upon-Avon 10am - 4pm
Strood Closed
Surbiton 10am - 4pm
Sunderland Closed
Sutton 10am - 4pm
Sutton Coldfield (S Parade) Closed
Swansea (New Cut Rd) Closed
Swansea (Samlet Rd) 10am - 4pm
Swindon 10am - 4pm
Swindon (Hobley Drive) Closed
Swindon (Paddington) Closed
Swinton Closed
Sydenham Closed
Tamworth (Watling Street) Closed
Taunton 10am - 4pm
Teddington Closed
Telford (Retail Park) 10am - 4pm
Thanet Closed
Tonbridge Closed
Torquay Closed
Trowbridge Closed
Tunbridge Wells Closed
Tunstall Closed
Uxbridge Closed
Wakefield (78 Ings Rd) 10am - 4pm
Wakefield (Ings Rd) Closed
Walsall Closed
Warrington (Hawleys Trade Pk) 10am - 4pm
Warrington (Knutsford Rd) Closed
Warwick 10am - 4pm
Washington Closed
Watford 10am - 4pm
Wellingborough 10am - 4pm
Welwyn Garden City Closed
West Bromwich Closed
West Ealing Closed
Weston Super Mare Closed
Weymouth Closed
Wigan 10am - 4pm
Winchester Closed
Witney Closed
Woking Closed
Wokingham Closed
Wolverhampton (Bilston Rd) Closed
Wolverhampton (Fox's Lane) 10am - 4pm
Woolwich Closed
Worcester Closed
Worcester (Elgar Retail Pk) 10am - 4pm
Worksop 10am - 4pm
Worthing 10am - 4pm
Yeovil 10am - 4pm
York (Foss Island Rd) 10am - 4pm
York (Layerthorpe) Closed