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Holding Icon Sep 2013 | Low Cost Servicing For Small Cars

Sep 2013 | Low Cost Servicing For Small Cars

September 2013

From October Halfords Autocentres is lowering the cost of its service pricing for cars with smaller, more fuel-efficient engines.

The move reflects the growing popularity of more economical vehicles and will benefit the owners of cars with engines of 1300cc or less through the introduction of a new entry level price for all vehicle services.

For under £80, the leading independent garage chain can perform a service on any make or model of car - delivering dealership quality workmanship supported by a 12 month or 12,000 mile guarantee.

Halfords Autocentres' Rory Carlin said: "Rising fuel prices and the recession have driven up demand for cars with smaller engines, whilst also fuelling a rise in the number of people skipping essential car maintenance in an attempt to save money.

"Ignoring or putting off servicing is a false economy because it increases the risk of potential damage to a vehicle and the likely repair costs to rectify it. We believe our new price structure makes doing the right thing for your car even better financial sense."

The owners of cars with small engines are not the only ones to benefit from the introduction of the new entry-level price. The cost of servicing for larger vehicles, with more powerful engines, has also been reduced as part of the realignment.

The SMMT (Society for Motor Manufacturers and Traders) has reported strong growth in the both the mini and supermini segments of the new car market throughout 2013 ? with the Ford Fiesta being the best-selling model for the year-to-date.

This popularity is mirrored by the used car market ? with small and frugal cars now in short supply which has in turn pushed up their values.

Rory Carlin added: "We believe that value and excellent service are not mutually exclusive."

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