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Holding Icon Sep 2012 | Fines For Off-Road Cars

Sep 2012 | Fines For Off-Road Cars

September 2012

Over 120,000 car owners have been hit with a £100 fine for failing to insure their vehicle or declare it off-road.

The £12million worth of penalties comes after rules introduced last June demanded all motorists insure their car or officially declare their vehicle SORN. Some 320,000 warning letters have also been sent out, alerting individuals to the fact that they are breaching the terms of this new legislation and breaking the law.

Known as 'continuous insurance enforcement', the law change is part of a crackdown on uninsured drivers. Motorists who drive without any cover cause an estimated £500million in accidents each year, forcing up premiums paid by law-abiding drivers. The new rules mean there should no longer be any gaps in cover, since insurers work with the Motor Insurance Bureau (MIB) - set up to cut the number of uninsured drivers ? to match details of every driver, their vehicle and insurance.

Motorists who fail to ensure their vehicle has continual cover or to declare it officially 'off-road' with a statutory off-road notice will receive a warning letter within a week. If they take no action, they then face a £100 fine followed by enforcement sanctions including clamping the car, its destruction or even a £1,000 court fine.

If you are unsure about your insurance record on the MIB, you can check it for free at www.askMID.com.