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Holding Icon Sep 2012 | Dangerous Driver Habits Revealed

Sep 2012 | Dangerous Driver Habits Revealed

September 2012

Car-related deaths are usually caused by driver negligence and carelessness which means that nearly all of these incidences could have been prevented if the involved parties had exercised caution whilst driving. Most of us will admit that we have formed certain habits behind the wheel that place ourselves and others at high risk of collision and resulting injury, or even worse. For this reason, it is best that we assess our driving habits from time to time and make a concerted effort to avoid such mistakes.

Most Dangerous Driver Habits

Texting whilst driving

This is a very common and extremely dangerous driver habit. What many people don't seem to understand is that not only does texting require the use of one and oftentimes two hands, but it also takes both eyes off of the road for a prolonged period of time. Texting during driving is now considered to be just as dangerous as drunk driving and statistics have shown that it is a leading cause of car related deaths on the road.

Careless reversing

Whether it is backing out of a parking space or out of a driveway, speeding while the car is in reverse is high risk behavior that should not be condoned. Even with the aid of side view and rear view mirrors, visibility surrounding the rear of the vehicle is anything but perfect. Small children who are hidden behind a vehicle that swiftly backs out are at high risk.

Speeding in bad weather

Over-confidence in one's driving ability is usually never a good thing and care must always be taken in bad weather. Drivers usually fail to realise that they must adjust their speed in heavy rain or snow and it is not acceptable to drive at normal speeds during these conditions.

Driving after a heavy night

Many people don?t realise the potential hazards of driving after a night of drinking. It can take up to 24hrs for the effects of alcohol to wear off, which means that you should always think twice before using your vehicle the next day, especially for long journeys!