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Holding Icon Dec 2012 | 2012's Most Reliable Cars

Dec 2012 | 2012's Most Reliable Cars

December 2012

The 2012 Which? Car survey questioned nearly 40,000 new car owners about their cars and subsequently compiled a top ten list of the most reliable. Interestingly, five on the list were Japanese with the remaining five coming from France, Germany, and Czech Republic.

The survey found there can be a huge difference between the best and worst car models when it comes to reliability and faults. And those people that assume paying a lot of money for a new car will mean it will be problem-free could be disappointed: Which? found the opposite to be true with expensive cars often being the most unreliable.

The Results

Budget brand Skoda topped the Which? Dependability chart, with petrol versions of its Yeti compact 4x4 chalking up an almost faultless score of 98%. The diesel version of the Yeti scored 93%. For drivers of a certain age, Skodas are best known for being the butt of all car jokes but the brand has successfully undergone an image overhaul in the past few years.

Surprisingly, another petrol 4x4 follows in second place - the Honda CR-V which scored an impressive 97%.

But languishing at the other end of the new car reliability table is a rather more luxurious 4x4 - the Range Rover Sport. Despite costing nearly £50,000 (to the Yeti's £15,000), it can muster only a paltry 63.4% for reliability.

The top ten

The Which? top 10 reliable new cars looks like this:

1 Skoda Yeti 2009-, petrol versions 98%
2 Honda CR-V 2007-, petrol versions 97%
3 Citroën C1 2005- 96.9%
4 VW Passat/Passat estate 2010- 96.5%
5 Toyota Auris Hybrid 2010- 96.4%
6 Honda Insight 2009- 96.1%
7 Renault Mégane 2008- 96.1%
8 Honda Jazz 2008- 96%
9 BMW 1 Series Coupé 2008- 95.9%
10 Nissan Note 2006-, petrol versions 95.8%