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Holding Icon Aug 2013 | Cost of Forgotten Items

Aug 2013 | Cost of Forgotten Items

21 August 2013

New research into driver behaviour has identified just how far daytrippers are prepared to go in order to fetch an item left behind when travelling in the UK this summer.

The findings from Halfords Autocentres highlight a shocking amount of waste, with over six million drivers being prepared to travel over ten miles - equivalent to in 1.7 million gallons of wasted fuel worth approximately 10.6 million*.

However, more than one in ten drivers (13%) admitted to being willing to travel over 15 miles to retrieve something they had forgotten, which means the true figure could be significantly higher.

Rory Carlin from Halfords Autocentres said: "The rising cost of fuel and fact that cars are less efficient at the beginning of a journey before the engine has reached operating temperature means that the nation?s forgetfulness is hitting them hard in the pocket.

"Interestingly some regions were more likely to travel further than others. Drivers from Scotland for example ? normally renowned for their thrift ? top the table, whilst motorists from Wales and Northern Ireland are far less likely to waste time and money fetching something they have forgotten."

More than a third of men (31.4%) are willing to travel over 10 miles for a forgotten item, compared with less than a quarter (21.6%) of women.

This may be explained by the fact that more than 8 out of 10 (84%) women said that they take the lead when packing bags, making it less likely they will forget something. Whilst men are largely responsible for packing the car (86%), which may lead them to assume someone else has packed a particular item.

Leading psychologist Dr Geoff Rolls commented: "Clearly the importance of the forgotten item will play a factor ? most people would not return any great distance for a forgotten sweater but a wallet or the key to a roof box is likely to cause a costly delay that could spoil the day.

"That said, with saving money and conserving fuel high on motorists list of priorities it is surprising how little importance people attach to waste."

To download a copy of the full Summer Daytripper Study visit the Halfords Autocentres advice centre at: www.halfordsautocentres.com