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Video - Preparing For Your MOT - First Things First

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Preparing for your MOT can save you both time and money. Follow these simple steps to help get your car ready for its MOT.

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First Things First

Do you know when your MOT is due? Write the date in your diary or use a reminder service such as the one on our website.

Have you left yourself plenty of time? There's no need to leave the test to the last minute - an MOT can be done up to a month before your last one runs out, meaning you can avoid last-minute panics and give yourself time to organise any work that might be needed.

Before taking your car to the garage, make sure you have:

  • checked that the vehicle identification number (VIN) is present and can be clearly seen (the VIN is usually found where the dashboard meets the windscreen on the driver's side);
  • got all the keys (for the ignition, doors, boot and fuel cap);
  • checked there's enough oil;
  • checked there's enough screenwash;
  • got enough fuel; and
  • set the headlight adjusters to '0' (mention to your garage if you are not sure how to do this).
  • If you answer 'no' to any of the following, speak to your garage as there might be a problem.

For more helpful tips on how to prepare for your MOT, see our guides below:


MOT (Class 4)


Saving £24.86


MOT (Class 7)



Interim Service and MOT

from £99.00

Saving £34.85


Full Service and MOT

from £164.00

Saving £39.85


Major Service and MOT

from £205.00

Saving £44.85