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Service Plan

Your annual MOT and Service from only 13.99 per month

Get the peace of mind that your MOT and service costs are covered for the next 2 or 3 years for a fixed, inflation-proof sum each month.

  • Flexible - 2 or 3 year plan available.
  • Convenient - regular monthly sum to help with budgeting.
  • Inflation-proof - prices fixed for the period of the plan - guaranteed.
  • Great Value - cheaper than buying separately each year.
  • Savings - range of other privilege discounts available with the service plan.
  • Secure - money held in protected customer account.
  • Risk Free - plan can be withdrawn at any time and funds withdrawn.

If the expense of your annual service and MOT takes you by surprise each year our Privilege Service Plan could be just what you need. For a small sum each month we guarantee to cover the cost of your service and MOT for each of the 2 or 3 years, depending on the plan taken out. The cost of the plan only varies by engine size of your vehicle and the length of time you decide to take it out over.

Costs According To Engine Size

Engine Size (cc) <1349 1349-2249 2250-3500 >3500
2 Year Plan 14.99 16.99 18.99 20.99
3 Year Plan 13.99 15.99 17.99 19.99

N.B. If your car needs long life or platinum spark plugs these will have to be paid for in addition to the above prices on the day.

Key Aspects Of The Privilege Service Plan:

You choose between 2 or 3 year plan.

2 year plan includes a Full Service & MOT in year 1 and a Major Service & MOT in year 2.

3 year plan includes a Full Service & MOT in year 1, a Major Service & MOT in year 2 and a Full Service & MOT in year 3.

Discounted price compared to in-centre service and MOT prices.

You can cease the plan at any time subject to a 15 admin charge to cover the set up and Direct Debit costs. (If you change your car and a new plan is set up then the admin fee will not be payable).

Prices are fixed for the period of the plan - except for any major change in VAT rates or DVSA MOT price.

Privilege Service Plan Member Benefits:

10% off any repairs at any time during the year*.

Wheel alignment for only 25.

Fuel Service Plus for only 40 when taken out at the same time as the service.

15% off batteries.

15% off Air Conditioning Service and clean.

Diagnostic check for 29.95.

Free MOT retest (if required).

Privilege Service Plan Typical Illustrations

Ford Focus 1.6 in Midlands

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Total Plan Typical Saving*
2 Year Plan Costs 203.88 203.88 - 407.76 104 to 170
3 Year Plan Costs 191.88 191.88 191.88 575.64 104 to 170

Ford Fiesta 1.2 based in London

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Total Plan Typical Saving*
2 Year Plan Costs 179.88 179.88 - 359.76 115 to 159
3 Year Plan Costs 167.88 167.88 167.88 503.64 176 to 242

*Savings against Autocentre prices for MOT and service combination products - additional savings if purchased separately.

How to join the Privilege Service Plan

1. In Autocentre

Call your local centre on 0800 096 4216 to get an accurate illustration for your car.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I take a plan just for servicing? ▼

No. The plan is to cover the annual MOT and servicing.

2. Can I use my funds paid in for unscheduled maintenance work during the year? ▼

No. Because it is designed to cover the essential service and MOT, it is not possible to use the funds for anything else. However as a plan member you will be able to take advantage of discounts on any repairs needed during the year.

3. Do I have to have the MOT and service together? ▼

Ideally you would have both together but it is not essential. However if you need the service before the end of the first year there is unlikely to be enough money in the plan to cover the cost of the service so you will have to pay an additional amount on the day.

4. What if I do high mileage and my car needs more than one service a year? ▼

The service plan covers one service per year as this is sufficient for the vast majority of people. If your car does need additional servicing during the year then this will have to be paid on the day, but you will be able to take advantage of reduced pricing.

5. What happens if I start my plan midyear and there are not sufficient funds to cover the service and MOT when they are due? ▼

You will have to pay any shortfall on the day.

6. If I miss a Direct Debit will I be told? ▼

Due to the costs of requesting any failed Direct Debit and likely reasons why they failed, any missed ones will not be requested. You will not be advised at the time but will be told when you come in for your service/MOT that a payment was missed.

7. What happens if I don't have enough funds in the plan to cover the service? ▼

You will be able to pay the shortfall in the centre on the day. The amount you will have to pay will only be the amount of any Direct Debit payment missed.

8. Can I cancel my plan and get my money back? ▼

Yes. You can cancel at any time and get the funds that are in the plan back, minus a 15 administration charge that covers the cost of the set up and Direct Debit collections. The amount pre admin fee will be the sum of any Direct Debits since the last service / MOT.

9. What happens if I change my car? ▼

We can't transfer the plan but you can cancel the plan and set up a new one. If you do set up a new plan then there will be no cancellation fee for closing the original plan.

10. Can I pass the plan to a new user? ▼

No. The plan would have to be cancelled. If the new owner wishes to take out a service plan then they can do so , and if you want a new policy on another car there will be no cancellation fee as detailed above.

11.What happens if my car needs to have a retest on its MOT? ▼

As the cost of the MOT is covered in the service plan we will also cover the cost of a retest if necessary.

12.What if my car needs specialist plugs or oil? ▼

As with any service any requirement for long life or platinum spark plugs will have to be paid on the day as the cost does not cover them. The cost of semi and fully synthetic oil is covered by the service plan.