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Environment and Recycling

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We're committed to ensuring all waste is disposed of in accordance with legislation and in an environmentally acceptable manner.

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92% of our collected waste (including tyres, waste oil, batteries and catalytic converters) is recycled.


100% of our collected tyres are recycled.

The disposal of waste tyres is governed by UK law. Tyres must be disposed of by a registered waste carrier. Waste tyre producers, such as ourselves (from customers' cars) are responsible for ensuring that all tyres are collected and disposed of in accordance with the law and only by a licensed waste carrier. We always ensure that before we hand tyres over to a collection agent that they are from our authorised waste contractor.

We also keep records of all tyres disposed of by keeping consignment/waste transfer notes on site at the autocentre and we ensure that they are stored securely.

Our waste tyres are collected and disposed of by Avanti/Automotive Waste Solutions (AWS) and are disposed of in accordance with the law. Disposal involves shredding the tyres - they are then sometimes used as aggregate replacement for landfill sites or as firing agents and secondary energy sources, typically in cement kilns.

Halfords Autocentres are committed to ensuring that all waste streams generated in the course of its business are disposed of in accordance with legislation and in an environmentally acceptable manner.

The charge of £2 per tyre is set by Halfords Autocentres and this small charge we apply is to recover the costs of procuring and running the waste contract, administration of the paperwork required, the manual handling and storage of the tyres from the vehicle and the transportation and disposal of the tyres in a safe and secure way. When we set the fee we take into account our overall tyre pricing approach on the sale of tyres and what we need to include for valve, balance and disposal.

If products and services are booked in centre then the disposal charge will be added accordingly based on product type such as oil, parts or tyres. However the disposal charge is included in the price when booking online.